08. prosinac 2020.

Delivery of a new "Magirus" turntable ladder for Professional Fire Brigade Varazdin.

Another business year in our company is coming to an end, a year that mostly leaves a bitter taste and many already want to forget everything that happened to us as soon as possible. However, not everything is so black, and this time we took care of the wonderful news with the help of our partners from the Professional Fire Brigade of the city of Varazdin!

Thanks to the trust of professional firefighters from the city of Varazdin and the City of Varazdin itself, Vatropromet delivered the new turntable ladder. It is a vehicle made on the chassis of the Iveco Eurocargo 160E 320, model M32L-AT n.B. The chassis is a low-floor 3 meters high and with a swivel rear axle. The ladder comes with a folding part and is additionally telescopic extensible.

We believe that the delivery of this turntable ladder is one of the special days in the history of the Professional Fire Brigade of the city of Varazdin, and so it is to us in Vatropromet. In just 5 years since we officially signed the contract to represent Magirus and their fire trucks, the vast majority of fire brigades, both voluntary and professional units, have recognized the quality we offer. We are extremely proud of this moment and grateful from the bottom of our hearts to our firefighters for giving us confidence for 26 years in a row.

We would like to especially thank Mr. Ivica Labaš, Commander of JVP Varazdin, Mr. Božidar Horvat, Deputy Commander of JVP Varazdin and the City of Varazdin on the indicated trust in the procurement of a new fire turntable ladder. Regardless of the new vehicle, we wish our friends and partners from the Professional Fire Brigade of the City of Varazdin as little intervention and rescue as possible. Let them use this vehicle more for exercise and less in dangerous situations for their fellow citizens and themselves.

Be alive, healthy and happy!

Poto gallery of turntable ladder Magirus M32L-AT n.B:

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