Consequences of unilateral termination - obligations of Vatropromet and Buyer

Exclusion of the right to unilateral termination of the contract










1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "General Terms and Conditions") apply to the purchase and sale of products and services of Vatropromet d.o.o. (here in after referred to as "Vatropromet") with its registered office in Zagreb, Ježdovečka ulica 87.

1.2 These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the agreement between Vatropromet and the customers. If the provisions of an individual contract do not coincide with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the individual contract shall apply. The General Terms and Conditions of the Customers are not and are not considered accepted by Vatropromet unless Vatropromet expressly agrees to their application in writing. Any oral agreements are excluded by the application of these General Terms and Conditions.

1.3 Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions are published on the Vatropromet website and apply only to purchases and sales of products and services concluded after the entry into force of the amended General Terms and Conditions.

1.4 The current version of the General Terms and Conditions has been published on the Vatropromet website and will replace all previous versions from the effective date.

1.5 If the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions do not conflict with consumer rights provided by applicable law, if it is a consumer contract in terms of the provisions of the Civil Obligations Act and the Consumer Protection Act, customers - consumers enjoy their statutory rights.


2.1 For the purposes of these general terms and conditions, the following definitions shall have the meanings defined in them or in this article:

2.1.1. The products include products that Vatropromet puts on the market. The Contracting Parties will describe the products in detail in the Orders and Offers.

2.1.2. Services include services that Vatropromet puts on the market. The Contracting Parties shall describe in detail the services in the Orders and Offers.

2.1.3. Customer - any legal or natural person who purchases Vatropromet Products.

2.1.4. Contract - concluded at the time of issuing the order confirmation by Vatropromet or issuing an invoice with the delivery of Products and / or services from the submitted order.

2.1.5. Offer - an invitation to the Buyer to submit an order (purchase offer) of a Product or Service under these conditions during the period of validity of the Offer. Unless otherwise stated, bids are non-binding.

2.1.6. Order - purchase offer submitted by the Buyer submitted to Vatropromet.

2.1.7. Order confirmation - Vatropromet order confirmation to the Buyer - if the delivery of the Products and / or services from the order has not been delivered with the issued invoice, it is considered an order confirmation.


3.1. The sections of these Terms of Use on product material defects, complaints and the right of unilateral termination apply only to Customers who are consumers.

3.2. These Terms of Use also constitute a pre-contractual notice as regulated by the Consumer Protection Act.

3.3. The buyer can only be an adult and able-bodied person. The contract may be concluded in the name and on behalf of the minor and the completely incapable person by their legal representatives or guardians, and partially able-bodied persons may conclude the contract only with the consent of their legal representative or guardian. Vatropromet does not bear any responsibility for acting contrary to this provision.

3.4. Vatropromet is authorized, without prior notice, to change the content of these General Terms of Sale, product range, prices, which is why Customers are required to review the contents before purchase. The opposite action releases Vatropromet from any responsibility. These changes come into force by publishing them on the Vatropromet website.

3.5. Unless otherwise agreed, the place of execution for deliveries and payments is the registered seat of Vatropromet.


4.1. Catalogs, Vatropromet's web catalog and other advertising materials do not represent Vatropromet's offer, do not contain all the essential elements of the contract in terms of Article 253 of the Civil Obligations Act (OG No. 35/2005, 41/2008, 125/2011, 78 / 2015, 29/2018, 126/2021; hereinafter: "Law on Obligations"), and they are considered an invitation to the Buyer to submit an inquiry about the Product or Service to Vatropromet.

4.2. Vatropromet publishes all materials, photos and textual descriptions on the website in good faith to make it easier for customers to choose when shopping. Vatropromet does not guarantee that the photos of the product fully correspond to the appearance of the product itself. Vatropromet reserves the right to make errors in the description and image of the product set according to the information provided by the manufacturer, as described in the previous paragraph. Differences between the actual product and the photo of the product and the product described on this site are possible if the manufacturer changes any of the characteristics or content of the product. All descriptions are checked regularly and in detail.

4.3. Vatropromet will prepare an Offer based on an oral, telephone or written request to the Buyer as soon as possible.

4.4. The offer will contain a list of requested and available Products and Services, delivery time and the value of the offer for cash payment. The delivery deadline specified in the Offer starts from the day of receipt of funds on the transaction account, ie payment made by card.

4.5. Vatropromet's offer is not binding unless it explicitly states "binding offer". Vatropromet's offers (both binding and non-binding) are valid for the period from & nbsp; 7 (seven) days or during the validity period indicated in the offer. The period of validity of the offer starts from the moment the Buyer receives it.

4.6. The offer is delivered to the Buyer in person or by e-mail and / or fax. The offer given personally to the Buyer is considered received by the Buyer at the time of the Buyer's signature of receipt of the offer, and the offer submitted by e-mail and / or fax is considered received by the Buyer at the time of sending.

4.7. Non-binding offers of Vatropromet are considered an invitation to the Buyer to submit an order (purchase offer) of Products or Services under these conditions during the period of validity of the Offer. Only when Vatropromet accepts such an order from the Buyer in writing, is it considered that a sales contract has been concluded. The provisions of Article 2.1.7 shall apply accordingly to the acceptance of the Order. of these General Terms and Conditions. When Vatropromet declares written acceptance of the order, the sale is considered contracted at the time of execution of the order (the moment of delivery of the Product or Service).

4.8. All further agreements (by phone, fax or orally) as well as subsequent changes and additions are valid only if confirmed by Vatropromet and the Customer in writing.

4.9. If the Buyer unilaterally withdraws from the Order after written confirmation, he is obliged to bear all damages incurred in connection with the Order (eg preparation of documentation, costs of ordered special materials and parts, etc.)


5.1. Prices are retail, expressed in HRK with the corresponding VAT in offers, price lists, catalogs and other materials, unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing. Prices are stated at the Vatropromet ex-warehouse parity (Incoterms 2020, EXW).

5.2. The individual prices of the Product do not include: storage costs, delivery costs, costs of any additional services such as packaging, installation, servicing and / or repair and commissioning.

5.3. The delivery of spare parts and the return of repaired goods is made with the payment of a fee for services provided in this regard, increased by transport costs, unless otherwise covered by the warranty or obligations under liability for material defects in consumer contract.

5.4. Vatropromet is authorized to change the price list at any time.

5.5. Vatropromet is authorized to set a lower price than the regular price for an individual product, service, product group and / or for all products, as well as for a certain method of payment, which includes, among other things, promotional sales, sales , seasonal discounts, sales of defective products and sales of expired products.

5.6. Vatropromet is authorized, if the market conditions under which it procures goods changes, and in case of changes in taxes, excise duties or customs duties, to increase the price of the Product or Service in the appropriate amount during delivery.

5.7. If there has been a significant increase in price, the customer who is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act (OG 41/2014, 110/2015, 14/2019), is authorized within 14 days from the date of notification of increase the price to withdraw from the contract with a written statement in relation to the quantities that have not yet taken over.

5.8. For product repair and maintenance services, if the value of the service exceeds HRK 500.00, Vatropromet is obliged to submit an offer to the Customer who is a consumer on paper or some other durable medium with a description of works and necessary materials and parts for repair. If during the repair there is a need for additional work and installation of additional parts, Vatropromet must seek the express consent of Buyers of consumers for any additional payment that the consumer would be required to make other than payment agreed in accordance with the accepted offer.


6.1. Vatropromet will deliver the invoice to the Buyer in person or by e-mail.

6.2. The buyer is obliged to submit objections to the invoice to Vatropromet at the latest within 8 days from the issuance of an individual invoice in writing.

6.3. The buyer can pay for the purchased products via payment cards (one-time and in installments), bank transfer, cash on delivery (cash upon receipt of the shipment to the agreed address or at the Vatropromet warehouse).

6.4. Card payment is considered made at the time of receipt of authorization by the card issuer, bank transfer payment is considered made at the time of receipt of payment to the giro account of Vatropromet.

6.5. The buyer is obliged to pay the Vatropromet bills within the agreed deadlines, ie the deadline indicated on the individual invoice.

6.6. Paying on time is an essential part of the contract.

6.7. In case of late payment, Vatropromet is authorized to charge the buyer default interest, temporarily suspend further deliveries and, without prior notice or warning, terminate the contract and request the right to return the sold goods.

6.8. If the goods are delivered before their full payment, Vatropromet reserves the right to own the same goods.

6.9. If accounts are blocked by the customer, the total debt of the customer is considered automatically due on the day of blocking his account regardless of the agreed payment deadlines.

6.10. Vatropromet has the right to proportionally reduce the customer's annual bonus and revoke the customer's right to approved discounts and / or bonuses, regardless of the action to which the delay relates.

6.11. Multiple customers of the same order are jointly and severally liable for the price.

6.12. Vatropromet has the right to retain items that the Customer has handed over for repair to ensure payment of any of its claims against the Buyer, including those from other legal transactions, until the Buyer settles all its debts to Vatropromet.


7.1. Delivery is made only in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

7.2. The shipping price is not included in the Product prices and will be stated separately in the order confirmation.

7.3. Vatropromet will invite the Buyer to pick up the goods when they are ready for delivery in the manner provided for in the Notice section. The Buyer is obliged to pick up the same goods within the next 5 working days or on the date of taking over the goods with the Buyer expressly agreed in the order confirmation. After the expiration of the specified date, Vatropromet has the right to charge additional storage costs for the Products until the day of their collection by the Buyer.

7.4. After the expiration of the period of 30 days from the expiration of the deadline for taking over the Product in accordance with Article 7.3. of these General Terms and Conditions, Vatropromet is entitled to:

  1. Terminate the contract, with all costs and damages offset due to termination with the amount of the price paid by the Buyer;
  2. Submit Products to Court.

7.5. If it is agreed that the delivery will be performed by Vatropromet, it will be done either by Vatropromet (employees) or by hiring a delivery (courier) service. Regular delivery is made to the entrance to the residential and / or business building located at the delivery address. Larger Products are delivered to the entrance of the facility or to the first obstacle that prevents the use of a hand pallet truck. Vatropromet will define the delivery time in the order confirmation.

7.6. The delivery time expires at the end of the last day of the specified delivery time. If the last day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday at the place of delivery, the last day of the delivery period becomes the next working day. In the event of a delay in delivery, Vatropromet will notify the Buyer without delay.

7.7. Vatropromet is entitled to partial deliveries and to calculate the payment accordingly. If the Buyer does not respect the dynamics of payment of the price defined in the Order, Vatropromet is not obliged to deliver the Products within the deadlines set in the Offer, but the same deadlines are extended for at least a period equal to the delay in payment of prices to Vatropromet. Vatropromet will indicate the exact deadline to the Buyer depending on the availability of capacity in accordance with the dates of receipt of late payment by the Buyer.

7.8. The goods are considered delivered to the Buyer and the delivery is duly performed by handing over and handing over the delivery note to the Buyer or the delivery (courier) service. All risks related to the goods and delivery pass to the Buyer at the specified time. The buyer assumes all risks related to the loading and unloading of goods as well as those related to the transport of goods

7.9. The buyer confirms receipt of the goods and delivery by signing and certifying the delivery note.

7.10. The Buyer is obliged to obtain the necessary permits at its own expense and at its own risk for the purpose of exporting or exporting purchased Products from the Republic of Croatia, Vatropromet does not provide guarantees to the Buyer, including legal and technical requirements applicable in the country to which the Buyer exports the Products or in the country of transport.

7.11. If the customer fails to meet any of the agreed conditions in time, the delivery deadlines are automatically extended, at least for the period of his delay.


8.1. Only customers who are consumers have the right to unilaterally terminate the contract. The provisions of Sections 7, 8 and 9 do not apply to Non-Consumer Customers.

8.2. Form for unilateral termination of the Agreement can be found here

8.3. The Buyer must notify Vatropromet of the unilateral termination of the Agreement before the expiration of the term by an unequivocal statement sent by mail (to Vatropromet d.o.o., Ježdovečka 87, 10250 Zagreb) or by e-mail to [email protected], stating his name and surname, address, telephone number or e-mail address, IBAN to which he wishes to be refunded.

8.4. If the Buyer submits the form for unilateral termination of the Agreement by e-mail, Vatropromet will, without delay, send an acknowledgment of receipt of the notice of unilateral termination of the Agreement by e-mail.

8.5. The buyer is obliged to send a statement on the termination of the contract before the expiration of the deadline for termination of the contract, no later than 14 days from:

8.5.1. where the consumer or a third party designated by the consumer other than the carrier, the Product which is the subject of the contract has been handed over to him;

8.5.2. from the day on which the last piece or the last consignment of the Product was handed over to the consumer or to a third party designated by the consumer, other than the carrier;

8.5.3. In the case of service contracts, from the day of concluding the contract.

8.6. Withdrawal from the purchase of multiple products delivered in combination at a promotional price is only possible in full in relation to that unit of product.

Consequences of unilateral termination - obligations of Vatropromet and Buyer

8.7. If the consumer exercises his right to unilaterally terminate the contract, the parties are not obliged to fulfill their obligations under the contract, or if the offer to conclude the contract was made by the consumer, the parties are not obliged to enter into the contract.

8.8. If the Customer unilaterally terminates the Agreement, Vatropromet will refund the funds received from the Customer, without delay, after the Customer has returned to Vatropromet all Products delivered under the terminated Agreement in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms.

8.9. The received amount of the purchase price will be returned to the buyer to the account from which the payment was made or in case of payment by cash on delivery or cash to the account submitted in writing to Vatropromet.

8.10. Any refund paid for the delivery of the Products is only possible if the contract for all Products delivered under such Agreement is terminated.

8.11. The Buyer is obliged to send the goods to the address Vatropromet d.o.o., Ježdovečka 87, 10250 Zagreb, without undue delay, and in any case no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the day he sent Vatropromet a decision to unilaterally terminate the Agreement.

8.12. The cost of returning the Product is borne by the Buyer in full.

8.13. Customer is obliged to return the Products:

8.13.1. in original condition, original packaging with all accessories and documentation, in particular including accompanying documentation and the submitted guarantee certificate attached to it. The packaging must not be opened and the Product must not be used.

8.13.2. For the purposes of preparation for the takeover of goods, Vatropromet must be notified at least 5 days in advance of the planned return of goods, otherwise Vatropromet is not obliged to refund the price paid.

8.14. The buyer is responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, except that which was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.

8.15. If, at the request of the Customer, the performance of the service started during the unilateral termination of the Agreement, the Customer is obliged to pay Vatropromet an amount proportional to what was delivered by the time the user notified Vatropromet of unilateral termination of the Agreement.

Exclusion of the right to unilateral termination of the contract

8.16. The buyer is not entitled to unilaterally terminate the contract if:

  1. fully fulfilled service contract for which the consumer undertakes to pay the price, and the fulfillment began with the explicit prior consent of the consumer and his confirmation that he is aware of the fact that he will lose the right to unilateral termination of the contract under this section be fully fulfilled
  2. the subject of the contract is a product whose price depends on changes in the financial market that are beyond the influence of the trader, and which may occur during the consumer's right to unilateral termination of the contract
  3. subject of the contract goods made to the consumer's specification or clearly tailored to the consumer
  4. the subject of the contract is perishable or expired goods
  5. subject of the contract sealed goods which due to health or hygiene reasons are not suitable for return, if they were unsealed after delivery
  6. subject of the contract goods which, due to their nature, are inseparably mixed with other items after delivery
  7. the consumer specifically requested a visit to perform the price-fix repair service, and the contract, the fulfillment of which began with the express prior consent of the consumer, was fulfilled in full and in other cases in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.


9.1. Vatropromet enables the submission of a written complaint in its business premises, by mail to the address of the headquarters and e-mail: [email protected]

9.2. In the event of receipt of a complaint by mail or e-mail, Vatropromet will without delay in writing by mail, e-mail confirm the receipt of the complaint referred to in paragraph 1.

9.3. Vatropromet is obliged to clearly, visibly and legibly display the notice on the manner of submitting the written objection referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article in its business premises and on the website.

9.4. Vatropromet will be in writing by mail, e-mail within 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint in accordance with the notification of the trader on the manner of submitting a written complaint referred to in paragraph 4 of this article, clearly stating whether it accepts the merits


10.1. All Products that must be accompanied by documentation and warranty cards in accordance with the relevant regulations will be delivered to the Buyer with the accompanying documentation and warranty card.

10.2. The commercial warranty (if issued), technical instructions, assembly instructions, instructions for use, list of authorized services as well as a warning of possible danger in use, for the Products referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article will be provided with the Product, and the Customer in terms of the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act in a clear and understandable way informed in advance about the data related to the product and the existence of services offered after the sale.

10.3. Vatropromet is released from any liability for damage that may occur on devices that provide access to the Vatropromet website and data stored on the same devices when using the web Vatropromet pages if it was created as a result of illegal actions of third parties, computer viruses, etc. and other cases for which Vatropromet is not responsible. Vatropromet is released from any liability in the event of circumstances that prevent the use of the Vatropromet website.

10.4. Vatropromet's liability in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions is limited to the following:

10.4.1. If a commercial warranty for the correctness of the Product is issued by Vatropromet under such warranty;

10.4.2. liability for material and legal defects of the sold Product / Service in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and, if the Buyer is a consumer, mandatory legal provisions on consumer protection;

10.4.3. in dealing with intent or gross negligence and,

10.4.4. in accordance with Articles 1073-1080 of the Civil Obligations Act if Vatropromet is also a manufacturer of the Product.

10.5. Vatropromet's liability for damages is in any case limited to the amount of the price of purchased Products or services from which the damage occurred (less VAT), which amount of damages may not exceed 5,000.00 Euros (in kuna equivalent in accordance with the average exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank on the day of the damage).

10.6. Vatropromet is not responsible for the lost profit of the Buyer.


11.1. The buyer is obliged to inspect the received goods in the usual way when picking them up. By acknowledging receipt, it signs that there is no external visible damage to the packaging or the Product.

11.2. The Buyer is obliged to notify Vatropromet immediately upon receipt / upon receipt of the Product of any errors in the delivered quantities of goods or incorrectly delivered Products, stating accurate information on inappropriate quantity or incorrectly delivered Products.

11.3. If the Product delivered to the Customer is different from the one he purchased, the Customer is entitled to the delivery of the ordered Product. If delivery of the ordered Product is not possible, the Buyer is entitled to a refund in the amount of the paid price of the Product, delivery prices and reimbursement of the cost of returning the Product and is obliged to return the incorrectly delivered Product.

11.4. If the Product is purchased within a particular form of sale, including another product, and the Buyer returns one of the products purchased by the Buyer, the Buyer does not receive back the full price of the product, but the price less the discount.

11.5. In other cases, the Buyer is obliged to inform Vatropromet about the visible defects of the delivered Products without delay, upon receipt. Otherwise, it is considered that the Buyer did not have any objections to the Products due to visible defects.

11.6. The buyer must not refuse to receive delivery due to minor defects.

11.7. The provisions of this article also apply to services provided.

11.8. In addition to the complaint due to defects, the customer will, at the request of Vatropromet, submit all additional documentation in order to determine the nature of the defect and confirm the allegations of the complaint.

11.9. In the event of a product failure, the customer may contact an authorized service center in accordance with the documentation received with the Product in accordance with the instructions and conditions of the authorized service center within the warranty period.

11.10. The customer is not entitled to a partial or complete delay in payment of the invoice due to a complaint due to defects. Exceptionally, the consumer as the Buyer has the right to refuse to pay the outstanding part of the price until Vatropromet fulfills its obligations based on liability for material defects.

11.11. In the event of a dispute regarding the justification of the complaint and / or the condition in which the product was returned (the product was not returned in accordance with Article 8.13 of these General Terms) the product will be submitted to an expert or professional legal entity.

11.12. In case the expertise determines the justification of the complaint, all costs of replacement and expertise of the product are borne by Vatropromet, and in case of unjustified complaint, the cost of expertise on the same complaint will be borne by the Buyer.

11.13. Subject to the submission of a justified and timely complaint, the Buyer has the right to repair the purchased Product or replace the Product, or a proportional reduction in price, or may declare that it terminates the contract.

11.14. The buyer has the right to reduce the price or terminate the contract only if Vatropromet:

11.14.1. did not eliminate the shortcoming,

11.14.2. refused to eliminate the deficiency (except for the exemption in accordance with the Law on Obligations when Vatropromet is authorized to refuse to eliminate the deficiency),

11.14.3. has tried to rectify the shortcoming but the same shortcoming still exists,

11.14.4. if the defect is not remedied within a reasonable time or

11.14.5. if the defect is such as to justify an immediate reduction in price or termination of the contract.

11.15. Buyer is not entitled to reimbursement of in order to eliminate the deficiencies undertaken by the Buyer without the consent of Vatropromet.

11.16. The seller is entitled to refuse to remove the defect if repair and replacement are impossible or would cause disproportionate costs taking into account all circumstances, especially the value of the defective item, the significance of the defect and the question of whether repair or replacement can be done without significant inconvenience to the Customer.

11.17. Vatropromet will accept the return of damaged, defective or incorrectly delivered Products at its own expense if the Customer's complaint is justified and, cumulatively, if the Customer has not affected the correctness, damage or any defect of the Product.

11.18. If the complaint due to deficiencies (complaints) is not grounded, Vatropromet is authorized to ask the customer to reimburse its costs incurred due to the unfounded claim. The same costs will be calculated in accordance with the valid price lists of service services (diagnostic inspection / defects) and / or other actually incurred costs of Vatropromet.

11.19. In the case of a consumer contract, Consumer customers have all the rights of consumers to complain about the lack of a purchased product or service in accordance with provisions of the Law on Obligations and the Law on Consumer Protection.


12.1. All content (including, but not limited to, text, photos, drawings, images, video and audio materials, links), and in particular trademarks and logo types published on the Vatropromet website are protected by copyright and related intellectual property rights, according to the Copyright and Related Rights Act (OG 111/21).

12.2. Users of the Vatropromet website are not permitted to reproduce, copy, distribute, modify, transmit, publish, modify or destroy the content published on the Vatropromet website or in any way use the content in question for commercial purposes.

12.3. Vatropromet does not grant any additional rights of use in the event of the purchase of a Product subject to copyright or intellectual property rights, except those rights expressly included by the manufacturer / distributor of the product.

12.4. By purchasing the product or service, the Buyer does not acquire the right to display or use the trademark (in any way, for any purpose) of Vatropromet or its affiliates, regardless of whether the trademark is used on the purchased product or not.

12.5. The customer has no right to disassemble the product or otherwise test its mode of operation / functionality / manufacture for the purpose of manufacturing a similar or identical replacement product.

12.6. The Buyer has no right to use the purchased product or service in a way that would damage the reputation of Vatropromet, and in particular has no right to use them for any illegal purposes.

12.7. Plans, sketches, estimates and other technical documentation, which may be part of the offer, remain the exclusive intellectual property of Vatropromet, as well as price lists, models, catalogs, brochures, pictures and the like. Any express use, reproduction, reproduction, distribution, publication and public display of the same requires the express written consent of the authorized person of Vatropromet.


13.1. Personal data provided to us by the customer as part of the conclusion of an individual contract (which includes sending purchase orders or accepting offers) will be processed for the purpose of contract execution and in other cases where there is a legal basis for processing in accordance with the General Regulation. data protection, which may include advertising our products and / or services based on our legitimate interest.

13.2. Further information on the processing of personal data is available on our website under General Privacy Policy

13.3. For data protection issues, you can contact our Data Protection Officer by e-mail [email protected] or by mail at Vatropromet d.o.o., Ježdovečka 87, with the note "data protection".


14.1. Batteries, accumulators and old electrical and electronic devices (Waste EE equipment) Customers must not dispose of this with household waste. Customers are obliged, separately from other waste, to hand over used batteries, accumulators and waste EE equipment. Waste batteries and waste EE equipment can contain harmful substances that, in case of improper storage or disposal, can be harmful to health and the environment.

14.2. EE equipment represents all products and their components that are dependent on electricity or electromagnetic fields as their primary source of energy for their primary and proper operation. You can identify these products by the labels on the product, packaging or instructions for use:

14.3. As a distributor of EE equipment, Vatropromet is obliged to take over waste EE equipment of the same type and purpose from consumers free of charge - one for one if a new device is purchased at the same time (one-for-one refund).

14.4. You can return waste batteries and accumulators to a recycling yard or Vatropromet store free of charge, regardless of whether you are buying new batteries or accumulators. At the same time, the return at points of sale is limited to the quantities usual for end users

14.5. Batteries containing harmful substances are marked with a symbol consisting of a crossed-out wheeled bin and a chemical symbol (Hg, Pb or Cd) of a heavy metal that is crucial for the classification of the harmful substance. Batteries with this symbol must not be disposed of with household waste.

14.6. The chemical labels in question have the following meanings: Hg: the battery contains more than 0.0005% mercury; Pb : the battery contains more than 0.004% lead, Cd: The battery contains more than 0.002% cadmium

14.7. Batteries subject to separate collection can be identified by the following symbols:


15.1. All notifications and communications will be made in writing by e-mail or registered letter (by air if available) or by confirmed fax to Vatropromet are delivered at Vatropromet d.o.o., Ježdovečka 87, 10250 Zagreb Fax: +385 1 6553-654, e-mail: [email protected]

15.2. Any such notice or other communication shall be deemed to have been received and delivered as follows:

15.2.1. if sent by post - registered with return receipt or international postal service (eg DHL, FedEx), with delivery note, to the above address on the day of receipt in accordance with such confirmation, and if sent by e-mail on the second working day after the day of departure;

15.2.2. if sent by fax or e-mail, to the above fax number / e-mail (or to the amended fax number / e-mail of the person notified by the other Contracting Party in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph) on the next working day.


16.1. These Terms and Conditions enter into force on the day of publication on www.vatropromet.hr and are amended in accordance with the rules contained therein.

16.2. For all that is not regulated by the General Terms and Conditions or individual contract (offer, order or similar), the substantive law of the Republic of Croatia applies, excluding the application of the United Nations Convention on International Sale of Goods and rules on applicable law. The use of commercial practices is excluded.

16.3. In the event of a dispute arising out of or in connection with these General Terms and Conditions, in particular with regard to the Products or Services placed on the market by Vatropromet, with the exception of consumer disputes, the court in Zagreb shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

16.4. Irrespective of the previous paragraph, in the case of disputes with the value of the subject of the dispute higher than HRK 3,000,000, Vatropromet has the right to apply to arbitration to resolve this type of dispute, to the Permanent Arbitration Court of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. In the case of arbitration, the number of arbitrators shall be three. The language of the arbitration proceedings will be Croatian, and the place of arbitration will be Zagreb.

16.5. Invalidity - Salvation Clause - If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, (a) the validity, legality and enforceability of other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions ( including, but not limited to, all parts of the Articles of this Agreement that contain such provision that is invalid, illegal or unenforceable (will not be compromised or reduced), and (b) the Parties shall promptly amend the Agreement in writing by that the purpose of the replaced provisions be preserved as far as possible under the applicable law.

16.6. These General Terms and Conditions, as well as all subsequent amendments there to, in accordance with Article 295 of the Law on obligatory relations will be published on the Vatropromet website as well as on the Vatropromet bulletin board.