In our sales center in Zagreb, in addition to the sale of all types of fire extinguishers, we also provide you with the service of servicing fire extinguishers. Visit us and do in one place:

  • Periodic inspection of the fire extinguisher
  • Fire extinguisher control test
  • Filling the fire extinguisher with extinguishing agent
  • Service and replacement of parts on fire Bucket Pumps

Fire extinguishers shall be inspected and tested in accordance with the regulations for pressure equipment. Our service of fire extinguishers is authorized by the manufacturer to service fire extinguishers, and after each inspection as proof that the service or inspection of the extinguisher has been performed, a sticker with information about the next service is placed on the fire extinguisher. If it is a larger quantity of fire extinguishers, Vatropromet is able to provide transport of the apparatus to the service (with replacement apparatus) and transport of the apparatus from the service to the pick-up address.

Maintenance of fire extinguishers correct and functional is done through regular inspection and periodic service. Fire extinguishers shall be inspected and tested in accordance with the regulations for pressure equipment.

Periodic service of fire extinguishers in use is performed at least once a year, and depending on the conditions of accommodation and more often, and after each activation or observed defect in the fire extinguisher. When putting out the fire extinguisher, it is not necessary to perform periodic service until the expiration of the warranty, ie for a maximum of one year.

Periodic service checks the correctness and functionality of the fire extinguisher and its parts and replaces worn and defective parts with spare parts approved for use by the fire extinguisher manufacturer.

The servicer of the fire extinguisher is obliged to keep records of the performed periodic service, which contains data on: type of fire extinguisher, serial number and user of the fire extinguisher, observed deficiencies and their elimination, and the date of the performed service and serial numbers of the label. After the periodic inspection of the appliance, the appliance is marked with a sticker which is proof that the service has been performed and is valid for the next year.

Deadlines for maintenance of fire extinguishers:

  • Regular inspection every 3 months - performed by the user of the fire extinguisher
  • Periodic inspection every 12 months - performed by an expert of the authorized service
  • Control test every 5 years - performed by an expert of an authorized service
  • After each use, the fire extinguisher must be serviced by an authorized company

As you probably know, the obligatory equipment of every business premises, truck or bus, in some cases also passenger cars, is a fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers are devices that contain an extinguishing agent that is expelled from the tank by internal pressure in order to extinguish primarily initial (small) fires. Depending on the mass of the substance or space to be protected (fire classes A, B, C, D or E), an extinguishing medium is selected which is placed in the tank of the appliance itself.

Fire extinguishers are used as effective fire protection materials, spaces and vehicles.

Service of Bucket Pumps

Our service of fire extinguishers includes the offer of servicing and replacement of parts on fire Bucket Pumps for children and youth firefighters. During the year, fire Bucket pumps are used in a large number of firefighting competitions which causes possible damage or wear to parts.

It is recommended to replace these parts with original parts prescribed by the manufacturer in the service. Our service technicians will replace all the necessary parts: the balls, the seal and all the important parts for the proper operation of the pump located in the bucket.

Prior to delivery, each Bucket Pump is checked and tested to test its proper operation and to ensure that your firefighters and youngsters achieve top results in competitions. Contact us with confidence and arrange the service of your brents with our service department.

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