Our history is the foundation of our future.

˝Vatropromet˝ was founded on November 2, 1994 as a trading company whose main business is the development, import and sale of firefighting and protective equipment.

Soon Vatropromet becomes number 1 in its industry in Croatia, and has been among the 3% of the most important business entities in Croatia for years. Although he is the holder of numerous economic awards awarded by the official institutions of Croatia, he is most proud of the awards and expressions of satisfaction of his own loyal customers, who make ˝Vatropromet˝ what it is - the largest trading house for firefighting equipment in the region.


The first and only employee at ˝Vatropromet˝ was Mr. Nenad Radojcic, who is still the owner and director of the company. The business was started at the address Laurenciceva 8b, in Folnegovicevo naselje - Zagreb. The first customers were many companies: Franck Zagreb, Cistoca, Narodne novine, Intereuropa, Ina Petrokemija and many others, and the first customer from the world of firefighting was DVD Pakrac and their secretary Mr. Zlatko Zerdin.


After a successful start, the first store of firefighting and protective equipment was opened in Dugi Dol in Zagreb. Due to the increasing volume of work, there was a need to hire new employees. The director celebrated the first anniversary together with the new employees at the fire station in Novi Marof.


In order to make the offer of firefighting equipment as accessible as possible to firefighters, the first branch of ˝Vatropromet˝ was opened in 1997 with headquarters in Osijek under the name ˝Slavonski Vatrogasac˝. The branch office is still located in the same location today, and has been at the service of the firefighters of Slavonia and Baranja for many years.


The store is moving to a new location in Rudeska cesta where it has been operating for 5 years and during those years the company has gained many friends and partners from the world of firefighting. In the same year, the idea of opening a new branch was realized, which would bring the company even closer to the firefighters in Dalmatia. A second branch of ˝Vatropromet˝ was opened with headquarters in Split under the name ˝Dalmatinski Vatrogasac˝. The branch still operates under the same name today.


By opening "Vatropromet" branches in the largest cities throughout the Republic of Croatia, almost all regions are covered. It remains to open a branch that would cover part of the Lika-Senj County, Istria and Kvarner. In 2002, the third branch of ˝Vatropromet˝ was opened with headquarters in Rijeka (Viskovo) under the name ˝Primorsko-goranski Vatrogasac˝. The branch still operates successfully today under the same name, as a reliable partner to all firefighters in the area it covers.

The photo shows the first location of the "Vatropromet" branch - Rijeka.


The construction of the new and so far largest business center ˝Vatropromet˝ in Zagreb, at Jezdovecka 87 in Jezdovec, has been completed. The official opening was held on November 12, 2004, with the presence of many of our firefighter friends, and the ceremonial ribbon was cut by the president of the Croatian Firefighters Association at the time, our great friend and, unfortunately, the late mr.sc Teodor Fricki.

Today, a modern service station for fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment is located in the same place, as well as one of the largest and most beautiful showrooms in Croatia and the region. Our company currently has a total of 33 employees, half of whom are firefighters themselves, and in their free time participate in the work of their fire brigades (competitions, exercises and interventions).


After a number of years of successful work and activity, we decided to expand our business beyond the borders of the Republic of Croatia. We are opening a representative office in Banja Luka, thus starting cooperation with more and more fire departments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company "Vatro-promet" d.o.o. continues to operate successfully today, and has become a reliable partner for many firefighters and business entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Our company quickly became number 1 in its industry in Croatia, and for years it has been among the 3% of the most important business entities in Croatia. Although our company is the holder of numerous economic awards awarded by the official institutions of Croatia, we are most proud with the satisfaction of our own loyal customers, who make Vatropromet what it is - the largest trading house for firefighting equipment in the region.

Vatropromet in Croatia represents a number of manufacturers of top firefighting and protective equipment: Holmatro, Texport, Hytrans, Fal, Holik, Just, Bauer Kompressoren and others. More and more firefighting companies and units purchase firefighting vehicles of proven quality and long-standing tradition through our company, whether they are used or new vehicles. We are extremely proud of the signing of the contract for the representation of the world-famous manufacturer of fire engines and upgrades of the company ˝Magirus˝ in 2015.

Vatropromet specializes in equipping tunnels with firefighting equipment. The list of references includes tunnels: Mala Kapela, Sveti Rok, Bisko, Krapina, Sveti Ilija and others. In all the past years, ˝Vatropromet˝ has performed positively. We cooperate with more than 6,000 partners. Our customers are almost all professional fire brigades, and the majority of Volunteer fire brigades in Croatia, and increasingly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia. Among the larger partners there are: the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Defense, Croatian Firefighting Association, Office for Management of Emergency Situations of the City of Zagreb, and many others.

At the beginning of 2016, we expanded our business by offering services for fire extinguishers and fire equipment. The official opening of the service and the new showroom was attended by the mayor of the city of Zagreb at a grand ceremony attended by firefighters from all parts of the Republic of Croatia. Also on that occasion, the statue of the patron saint of firefighters, St. Florian, which adorns the entrance to our yard.

In May 2019, we celebrated the 25th year of successful operation of our company. The patron of the celebration was the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mrs. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic. The ceremony was held in Desno Trebarjevo on May 18 in front of about 600 officials from the world of firefighting, politics and our firefighter friends. With that celebration, we closed the chapter of the first quarter of a century, from the very beginnings of business, to building into one of the most stable and successful companies in the Republic of Croatia. Our goal is to continue at the same pace and remain a reliable partner for firefighters in the Republic of Croatia and beyond.

Vatropromet - always serving firefighters!