07. studeni 2023.

Delivery of firefighting pick-up vehicle "Toyota Hilux", with high-pressure module "Vallfirest".

On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, we were visited by a delegation from the Ivanić City Fire Association, headed by the president, Mr. Tomislav Abramović and the commander Mr. Dario Kezerić.

As every time so far, we spent time in pleasant meeting with our friends and partners. But the reason for their visit was not just to socialize, but to deliver a vehicle with a built-in fire module for extinguishing wildland fires.

For the Fire Association of the City of Ivanić, we delivered a "Toyota Hilux" pick-up vehicle, on which an aluminum upgrade of the cargo area was installed, completely designed according to the dimensions of this vehicle.

Inside the upgrade we installed a "Vallfirest" high-pressure fire extinguishing module with a 350 l water tank, as well as equipment supports according to the customer's request. The fire module is located on the pull-out support for easier use. All equipment carriers are custom-made and adapted to this pick-up vehicle.

We would like to thank the Fire Association of Ivanić-Grad for the trust shown and the continuation of a beautiful long-term cooperation. We also thank the company Firetec for the great help in the implementation of this project and conceptual solutions. We wish our friends and partners from VZG Ivanić-Grad that this vehicle will serve them successfully for many years, with of course as little use as possible in firefighting interventions.