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Quality from our hands for the benefit of your feet

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Firefighter Boots
Firefighter Boots Brandbull 005 PL
Boots for structural fire interventions, hydrophobic impregnated leather, TE - POR membrane inside.
Firefighter Boots for interventions Brandbull 005 FHR
Firefighter Boots
Firefighter Boots Brandbull 005 FHR
Protective boots for Firefighters, made of black impregnated water - resistant leather.
Firefighter Boots Lucas, certified to structural Fire Boot standard
Firefighter Boots
Firefighter Boots Brandbull Lucas
Protective boots for Firefighters, made of waterproof genuine leather and stitched with fireproof threads.
Firefighter Boots for interventions, Brandbull Marcus
Firefighter Boots
Firefighter Boots Marcus
Protective boots for Firefighters, made of waterproof genuine leather.
Firefighter Boots for wildland fire Brandbull 80120
Firefighter Boots
Firefighter Boots Brandbull 80120
Protective Firefighter Boots for structural and wildland firefighting, leather, oil resistant antistatic sole PROTECT.
Firefighter Boots for Wildland Fire Brandbull Dejan II
Firefighter Boots
Firefighter Boots Brandbull Dejan II
Protective Firefighter Boots for Wildland fire. Hydrophobic impregnated leather, frost and heat protective airy padded.

Quality from our hands for the benefit of your feet

  • 1971.

Starting a family business in a garage and realizing the idea of ​​producing handmade footwear.

  • 1973.

As production has increased, new employees have been hired. Start of production of protective gloves.

  • 1979.

Primary focusing protective footwear. The workforce reached 15 people.

  • 1991.

A difficult and challenging time for the company as the former state collapsed and sales (the market) fell overnight and at that time the company was producing 50 pairs of shoes and 400 pairs of gloves daily.

  • 1993.

Expanding production space to 700 square meters with a total of 21 workers.

  • 2000

A milestone turnover, the first firefighter-compliant boot certified to the standard was manufactured: Brandbull 001.

  • 2001

The company's 30th anniversary with 32 employees and 1,400 square feet of manufacturing space. The new Brandbull 002 and Brandbull 003 models have been certified by the Slovenian Fire Association.

  • 2002

Registration of the seal:

JADO: safety footwear

MOUNTAIN: trekking shoes

BRANDBULL: firefighter footwear

  • 2006

The first boots manufactured to the new EN15090 standards: 2006. Further increase in production to 2,100 m2.

  • 2009

Strengthening the company's position in firefighter training. The Brandbull 005, 006 and Dean II models have entered the market. The company's presence was present in most EU markets, Russia and the former country.

  • 2013

Owner son Janko Dolenc, a skilled and highly trained craftsman, has officially taken over the management of the company. The number of workers reached 45 people. Additional storage was built. Brandbull 007 for forest fire produced. All boots manufactured to the new EN 15090: 2012 standards.

  • 2016

Production: 300 pairs per day; 65,000 a year.

Our boots are presented for the first time at the International Fire and Safety Equipment Fair Interschutz, Hanover.

  • 2018

Production started in a new facility in Varaždin

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