17. ožujak 2023.

A few simple steps how to use the equipment from the wall-mounted hydrant cabinet in case of fire.

If you have already read our article or previously learned about the equipment in fire hydrant cabinet, do you know how to quickly and easily use the equipment in case of fire? Do not worry because it is not complicated and you will learn to use the equipment from the hydrant cabinet in a few simple steps.

Hydrant cabinets are divided into internal (installed on the wall inside the building) and external (free-standing cabinets for overground and underground hydrants). In this article, we will describe the use of firefighting equipment from wall-mounted hydrant cabinets, which you encounter in residential and commercial buildings, shopping centers, etc.

The wall hydrant cabinet consists of the following firefighting equipment: angle valve, fire hose Ø52 (length 15 or 20 meters) and fire nozzles with bolt. This equipment is extremely useful in the event of a fire in the building you are in, and it is very important to know how to use it.

Wall-mounted hydrant cabinet equipment - what is it used for?

  • Angle valve with swivel attachment - by turning the wheel of the angle valve, the water supply from the hydrant network to the fire hose is released.
  • Pressure fire hose - it is connected to the angle valve using a Storz fire coupling/connector. On the angle valve and the fire hose there are fire Storz connectors, which are connected by turning the connectors in opposite directions (if the hose has not already been connected to the valve).
  • Fire nozzle with bolt - used for full and spray jet. The jet is regulated by turning the bolt on the nozzle, and to open or close the water jet.

How to use the firefighting equipment from the hydrant cabinet?

In case you find yourself in the middle of a fire, stay calm. Call the fire department, give them the essential information they will be looking for, and evacuate other people from the building to a safe distance. If you approach to the fire with equipment from the hydrant cabinet, follow a few simple steps that we have listed in the infographic.

Take care of your safety while fighting the fire and until the arrival of the firefighters. Do not put your own life at risk if the danger is too big, and you do not have experience in using fire hydrant equipment.