27. siječanj 2022.

Solo Rescue® Decon Washer - quick and simple decontamination and cleaning of firefighting equipment.

Developed to help firefighters fight cancer

Studies show that firefighters run a significantly higher risk of being diagnosed with, and dying from, various forms of cancer than the general population. This is due to the hazardous chemicals and carcinogenic particles they are exposed to in the line of duty.

Contaminated gear is a constant health risk. The SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and protective gear are lifeline for firefighters in their daily work of saving the lives of others. When fighting a fire, protective gear absord hazardous contamination in the form of soot particles and combustion gases. This contamination then poses a health risk to the firefighter. Therefore, it is paramount to the firefighter's health to decontaminate the protective gear immediately upon return to the station.

How to quickly and easily clean firefighting equipment

To reduce this exposure and the resulting cancer risk, it is essential to thoroughly, safely and efficiently clean and decontaminate all protective equipment after every use. That is exactly what the Solo Rescue® Decon Washer does. Cleaning gear in the Solo Rescue means less exposure to cancer causing PAH particles and a safer work environment for you and your fellow firefighters.

The Solo Rescue cleans SCBAs and protective gear of residue from combustion gases, soot particles and other toxins in just a few minutes. It can clean steel, composite, rubber, fabric,  lastic, etc., all in a mechanical, self-contained process. The Solo Rescue offers a quick, easy, and safe method of cleaning protective gear in a sealed compartment. This ergonomic process minimizes manual contact with contaminated materials.

Clean gear in less than 10 minutes

The Solo Rescue offers the easiest, quickest and safest way of cleaning contaminated SCBA’s, face masks, helmets, boots and gloves. You can choose between a 3 min cycle for gloves and boots or an 8 min cycle for SCBA’s, face masks and helmets. It has a capacity of cleaning up to 14 SCBA’s (including face mask), 56 face masks, 21 helmets, 60 boots and 120 pairs of gloves per hour. Make sure to follow your manufacturers washing instructions.


We hope that this article briefed you on the dangers that arise during and after firefighting interventions. Clean and decontaminate firefighting and protective equipment after interventions, and reduce the risk of disease and death. We are at your disposal for any additional questions regarding the Solo Rescue device.

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