28. listopad 2020.

Autumn has already started and colder days are coming. Have you prepared your heating devices and chimneys? Read why you should...

Autumn has already started and colder days are coming. The time is approaching when we will activate the heating in our homes and at our workplaces, thus starting the heating season.

The heating season brings with it some of the potential dangers, because unprofessional handling of solid fuel stoves or electric heaters in winter often causes fires in buildings that can lead to death. Your chimneys also have a big role in that, which should be regularly cleaned and maintained in cooperation with the chimney sweep service.

How to prevent dangers in the heating season?

A problem during heating can occur in all types of heating systems if they are improperly installed or if you do not maintain them regularly. When installing any of these systems or devices, consult with experts and have authorized persons install them no matter how expensive this option may seem to you, as it is cheaper than a human life.

When installing, use original parts for stoves and especially for flues. Maintain your stoves regularly and clean the flue ducts in cooperation with the chimney sweep. Service gas stoves and gas boilers regularly, as there is always a risk of fire. In a gas boiler, it is necessary to clean the scale and dirt that accumulate during its operation at least every two years.

How to properly use heating devices?

When lighting a solid fuel stove, for example, be careful when approaching the stove with your hand, as your clothes may catch fire during careless handling. Never try to burn wood in the stove with petrol or any other flammable liquid and keep all flammable material away from the stove (eg. carpet, curtains, etc.). Do not keep firewood near the stove as heat transfer may cause self-ignition. Do not cover ovens or dry your clothes on them and also do not leave food to heat up unattended.

Dispose of ash from combustion in a safe container and do not store in plastic, paper and other flammable containers, as uncooled ash remains a source of ignition for up to 24 hours after removal from the oven. Do not leave your appliances and heating systems unattended and turn them off when you are not at home.

Be prepared for fire protection!

We live in a time when everything is accelerated and we are burdened with obligations, so probably many of you do not think about how good it is to have a fire extinguisher with you in unforeseen situations. A fire extinguisher in your hands can prevent a major fire, the loss of your home or, most importantly, the loss of the lives of your loved ones.

In those moments, the price of a fire extinguisher is the least important to you, isn't it? So consider while reading this article whether it would be good to have at least one fire extinguisher in your home and take a look at our offer of fire extinguishers. Don't worry, it's not science fiction to use a fire extinguisher and that's why we at Vatropromet are at your service. Contact us for all information about fire extinguishers, we can recommend you what type you need or even explain the procedure for activating a fire extinguisher.

In case of fire on any of the heating systems or chimneys, BE SURE to call the Firefighters! Even if you put out the fire, because they will check if there is still a danger of activating a new flame somewhere.

That´s all from us. Stay alive, healthy and warm!