02. listopad 2019.

If you are looking for information on which fire extinguisher you need to buy for your vehicle, then you are in the right place ...

The selection of fire extinguishers is made in accordance with the Ordinance on fire extinguishers (Nn 101/11) and the Ordinance on amendments to the Ordinance on fire extinguishers (NN 74/13). It refers to the regulations of the Republic of Croatia

The minimum number of fire extinguishers required, including the amount of charge for vehicles, is shown in this table:

Type of Vehicle

Type and size of Fire Extinguisher

Number of Fire Extinguishers/pcs.

Passenger car for public transport

Powder ABC – 2 kg


Passenger cars owned by legal entities, craftsmen and state administration bodies that serve in transport for their own needs

Powder ABC – 1 kg


Vans, vehicles registered for more than 5 people and tram motor cars

Powder ABC – 2 kg


Public transport buses and trucks up to 2.5 t

Powder ABC - 3kg


Intercity buses and trucks up to 10t capacity

Powder ABC – 6kg


Trucks with trailer and Tow trucks

Powder ABC – 6kg



Accommodation of the device in the vehicle

Make sure that the fire extinguisher is located in the vehicle in an easily accessible place and preferably fixed on its holder (for smaller extinguishers). When an open flame appears, every second and timely reaction is important, so that the damage to the vehicle is minimized.

Fire extinguisher service

Also take care of the date of purchase of the fire extinguisher or the last inspection, as it is a legal obligation to service the fire extinguisher once a year. If you exceed the date of the last inspection, you risk that after some time the device is not fully functional (loses pressure, mechanical damage) or a penalty from the traffic police, which regularly checks the service label with the date of the last inspection.

We hope that we have briefly explained and facilitated the selection of a fire extinguisher for your vehicle, and for any additional questions, our sales officers are at your disposal.