02. listopad 2019.

In this article, we explain the difference between a Fire extinguisher under constant pressure and with a CO2 bottle.

You decided to buy a new fire extinguisher because there was a need for it. You called the store or sent an inquiry for an offer and expected a simple purchase, until it became “complicated” when you were asked the other question instead of the answer: Do you want a fire extinguisher under constant pressure or with a CO2 bottle?


We start from the part that our eyes first notice on everything, and that is the external appearance. Here you can notice the first difference between constant pressure Fire extinguisher and extinguisher with CO2 bottle, which is that the CO2 extinguisher has a large button on it (popularly called a mushroom), while the constant pressure extinguisher has a manometer on it which indicates the pressure in the tank of the fire extinguisher.


There is a bottle of propellant gas in the CO2 fire extinguisher, which is activated by our blow to the fungus. Wait 4-5 seconds and start extinguishing by pressing the lever on the top of the hose. There is no bottle of propellant gas in the constant pressure fire extinguisher, but after pulling out the fuse by pressing the large handle on the top of the extinguisher, the powder is expelled and the fire is extinguished. That is why this device is also called a fire extinguisher under constant pressure, because it does not require an additional incentive to start ejecting the extinguishing agent from its tank.


In essence, you will not go wrong with choosing one of these two types of appliances, because they are both filled with ABC powder and in an amount that meets your needs. Fire extinguishers for vehicles are delivered and produced only in constant pressure variant (with a manometer): P 1, P 2 and P 3. Fire extinguishers of 6 and 9 kg are produced in both variants: P 6 and P 9, S6 and S9. The numbers indicate how many kilograms of ABC powder each device contains.

We hope that we have briefly answered the question about the difference between constant pressure and CO2 fire extinguishers, and in case of any doubts or additional questions feel free to contact us. Our friendly sale representatives will help you choose the best and most favorable solution for you.