01. rujan 2021.

Delivery of "Interspiro Incurve" breathing apparatus and training for Professional Fire Brigade of Karlovac City.

The month of August was concluded by our company with the delivery of new breathing apparatus manufactured by "Interspiro". On Tuesday, August 31, we delivered for our friends and partners from the Professional Fire Brigade of the city of Karlovac 20 pieces of breathing apparatus harness "Interspiro Incurve" and 44 pieces of face masks for "Inspire-H".

On that occasion our colleagues made a short training with employees of the Fire Brigade, in which they were briefly introduced to the principle of operation of the mask and breathing valve, and the latest technology offered by this breathing apparatus. We presented them an innovation from the company "Interspiro" - a quick connection of the lung machine with the mask, which greatly facilitates the connection and separation of the lung machine from the mask.

The "Incurve" breathing apparatus is a new SCBA model with a unique belt developed in collaboration with firefighters. The Incurve holder is easy to clean, firm and light, without compromising comfort. The shoulder straps and hip belt are made of anti-contamination textiles and are shaped according to the body shape for excellent ergonomics. The straps can be easily adjusted and adjusted to the user in four different sizes ("S", "M", "L", "XL"). Thanks to the practical design, the size adjustment can be performed with the cylinder mounted and without removing the appliance from the harness in the fire truck cabin.

The "Inspire-H" respirator mask is a revolutionary mask on the market. The mask is equipped with a quick switch that allows switching between outside air and the air from cylinder. The breathing valve closes automatically when detached from the face mask. The amount of air is controlled and activated from inside the mask which provides excellent breathing performance. While on the face, the mask offers you the additional ability to breathe outside air, which is a great feature when replacing a cylinder with air on the holder.

The firefighters of the city of Karlovac chose "Interspiro" because of the additional features and that is safety and health for their employees, who are in the first place! Easy Clean is our unique concept for safe, fast and efficient cleaning of Interspiro products. With an absolute minimum of textiles, Easy Clean products are much less sensitive to carcinogens and in combination with their own detergent provide a clean result after each wash.

Easy Clean criteria:

  • Minimum of textiles
  • Minimize absorption of particles from soot and dust
  • Facilitate decontamination
  • Minimal absorption of water: Less time needed for drying so the equipment can be used again directly after decontamination
  • Wash proof electronics – not just watertight
  • Breathing apparatus including cylinder can be cleaned in dish washers
  • Facemask can be washed in washing machine

Also important to note: our company has a guaranteed service of breathing apparatus "Interspiro" which guarantees quality maintenance, correctness of your breathing apparatus, installation of original parts, and fast delivery.

We thank you for the trust they have placed in us, in purchasing the equipment - Professional Fire Brigade of the City of Karlovac. However, we wish them as little use of equipment as possible in interventions and more in training and exercises. Stay alive, healthy and happy!